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  • A newsletter for biotech managers covering corporate strategy and management questions.
  • Online magazine for biotechnology, biomedical, and pharmaceutical industry analysis.
  • Tips, techniques, and links for marketing and business development professionals in Biotech and related markets, plus career management and networking tools.
  • Tips, techniques, and links for marketing and business development professionals in Biotech and related markets, plus career management and networking tools.
  • The UK's first approved investment trust dedicated to the biotechnology sector. It offers investors the means to invest in a carefully selected and diversified portfolio
  • Online information service for professionals in the bio-pharma and high-tech arenas.
  • Specializes in the incubation of lab-scale technologies with real market potential to deliver true commercial success.
  • Biology clip art and presentation templates.
  • Online resource and information tools for the scientific and pharmaceutical communities.
  • Informative synopsis of news, product updates, discussion forums, and online chat regarding manufacturing, technology, equipment, and supplies for professionals in the
  • Monthly newsletter providing analysis, interpretation, news, and commentary relating to biotechnology industry developments for investing in biotechnology and/or medical
  • Human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry.
  • Provides marine natural products for drug discovery, a screening system for angiogenetic effectors, artificial media for cells and physiological characterization of
  • Specializes in cancer vaccines and treatments, infectious diseases, and autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Includes information about ongoing and completed clinical
  • Established to help companies identify opportunities for the applications, and develop and implement enzyme-based processes. Lists patents and contacts Pasadena,
  • A global healthcare company, focusing on unmet medical needs in cancer, diabetes and inflammatory diseases.
  • Specializing in the development of new tools contributing to the improvement of the agronomic performance and end use quality of field crops.
  • Based in Chile. Provides bio-assays for evaluation of water quality and services for treatment and control of water pollution.
  • Provides laboratory services in cell culture and protein purification and process development and scale-up.
  • Germany. Development and manufacture of technical enzyme preparations for applications in agriculture, food, textile and environmental technologies.
  • wiata. Konferencja International Conference of Molecular Biotechnology and Innovation for Healthy Life.... DZIE 1 -Molecular Biotechnology for healthy
  • multiple key-steps of preclinical drug development for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical
  • , Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the...University Network. Researches in MUG are concentrated in
  • (National Center for Biotechnology Information U.S.; 2006) and it is adjusted to detect at least the...approved by the State Inspection for Veterinary
  • reagent and biotechnological system market, in acquiring Laboratoire Service International (LSI) from its...pharmaceutical companies participating in
  • pharmaceutical products. 3 Orodek Bada Farmaceutycznych i Klinicznych BIOFANA Sp. z o.o 1 Przytorze Str. 99...bioavailability and bioequivalence studies and