Compressors and Vacuum Pumps, Poland

Compressors and Vacuum Pumps Poland Companies Worldwide
  • Manufactures air-moving products. Vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, and regenerative blowers.
  • Oil-free gas field compressors used for gas engines and gas turbines, oil-free air compressor for pneumatic bulk trailers, oil-free vacuum pumps are mainly used for
  • Supplies pumps, air compressors, blowers, fluid power products.
  • Makes vacuum units equipment and heat exchangers. Systems with jet venturi equipment, ejector, condenser, thermocompressor, scrubber, eductor and heat exchanges.
  • Distributes compressors, pumps, tubing, vacuum equipment.
  • Cooling using only compressed air.
  • Manufactures Line Vac Conveyors to convey products using compressed air. Contains product info, application data sheets and knowledge base.
  • Manufacture of a rotating union, Fuji air compressors(ring type) and industrial vacuum/cleaning systems.
  • Extractor/dryer removes water and oil from compressed air lines. Specialists in application of breathing air, regulators, lubricators, refrigerated dryers.
  • Manufactures rotary Screw PTO air compressors.
  • Supplies compressed air dryers, desiccant, deliquescent, filters, process gas and liquid dryers, dewpoint meters, drain valves, aftercoolers, compressed air accessories.
  • Develops a unique heatless air dryer which is a chemical desiccant using s dryer, and working on the adsorption principle.
  • New, reconditioned HVAC equipment including compressors, chillers, condensers, air-conditioning units. Supply and services.
  • Manufactures custom and standard fluid dynamics equipment including wind tunnels, water tunnels, hydraulic demonstration and sediment channels and AMCA/ASHRAE fan test
  • Manufactures air and gas pressure boosters, pressure intensifiers, and air-driven air and gas compressors.
  • Distributes air compressors, powder coating and finishing equipment. Power tools.
  • Specializes in rebuilding and services of Nash vacuum pumps and compressors.
  • Manufactures dryers and refrigeration equipment, filters, compressors, desiccant.
  • Manufactures compressors, construction and mining tools and equipment, power tools, assembly systems.
  • Liquid ring technology -- pressure/vacuum pump -- a vacuum or pressure pump requires no lubrication. For use in oil and gas industry. Manufacturer.
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