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  • Export assistance from the Commercial Service of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Also includes a list of hyperlinks to government information and statistics on exports.
  • News, issue analysis, journals, and other strategic business information on the Asia Pacific provided by university professors from around the nation.
  • News bulletins, research, published government circulars and policy anlayses related to import and export from India.
  • Non-profit site offering information for companies new to exporting outside the U.S. Website includes: step-by-step guide to exporting, individual country reports,
  • UK based company provides experiential learning through management development with the enjoyment and benefits of a corporate team fun event.
  • Switzerland. Multi-national group of laboratories, active in testing, verification and certification of materials and products. Testing and evaluation of natural and
  • Site of the U.S. Commercial Service at American Embassies, which helps U.S. companies export to other countries. Contains market research, trade leads, new
  • Official publication of the U.S. Department of Commerce that links U.S. exporters to international importers via products, advertising, and trade leads.
  • Information and resources for conducting international trade to and from California. Includes market research, trade leads, and tutorials.
  • Division of the U.S. Government's National Marine Fisheries Service that provides U.S. exporters with: market information, fisheries trade statistics, trade leads,
  • Information and advice on Canadian and international business.
  • Customized market research and trade statistics related to Indian exports and import markets.