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  • Tutorials and extensive research information for investors in exchange-traded funds and closed-end funds.
  • Strategies and analysis of investing in exchange-traded funds and closed-end funds.
  • Daily stock-market commentary with a focus on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • News, commentary, and interviews from the ETF industry.
  • Daily research and commentary on ETF news. Frequent analysis of 200-day moving averages for different funds.
  • News, articles and lists o
  • Offers investment research. Covers stocks, funds and college savings plans.
  • Tutorial articles about exchange-traded fund investments, organized as a step-by-step guide. One-page summary included.
  • Database of all domestic closed-end funds including daily NAV and market prices. Includes education, research articles and news and information from leading companies.
  • Information about CEF Advisors, a specialty asset management (RIA) firm, and its managed portfolio models. It also offers e-mail newsletters with interviews and industry
  • Closed-end fund ranking based on discount from net asset value (NAV), annual expense ratio, and plans to reduce discount.
  • Rates closed-end funds on a 5 point scale. Methodology is explained in detail in both German and English.
  • Independent platform of information, tools and resources for understanding, researching and investing with ETFs.
  • Learn about ETFs and the many benefits they have over other regular assets.
  • Real time quotes, market information, regulations, news.
  • News, market data, portfolios, mutual funds, personal finance, and discussions.
  • Blog by Teresa Lo, an independent portfolio strategist and trader, providing ETF strategies and trading tools for individual investors.