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  • Opinions on issues in the investment management industry, published monthly.
  • Ron Rowland's newsletter uses style rotation to make fund recommendations.
  • Weekly newsletter that times the purchase and sale of leveraged index funds using a risk-reduction system. Signals are only given at the time of major change in market
  • Newsletter uses Fibonacci ratios to time the market; published twice monthly.
  • Free investment fund articles, questions and answers, market timing signals, calculators and no-load information.
  • Charlie Hooper's newsletter offers weekly fund timing for various markets.
  • Newsletter published monthly by Sheldon Jacobs. Each issue contains updated performance data on hundreds of no-load funds.
  • Paid subscribers get fund rankings and commentary from Janet Brown twice a month.
  • Features trading systems for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, especially those offered by Fidelity Investments.
  • Subscription-based service, offering a number of trading systems for mutual and exchange-traded funds, tailored for different levels of risk.
  • Uses a market timing/asset allocation model to recommend index funds to its clients.
  • Steven J. Kaplan's commentary on investing and life in general, with a contrarian point of view. Contrarian theory recommends unpopular funds, based on popularity being
  • Economic and market commentary by the Fund Evaluation Group, LLC, with in-depth focuses on current topics.
  • Shabbir's mutual-fund and stock-market blog. News, commentary and trading tips for mutual-fund and stock-market investments.
  • Includes analysis, price and performance data on UK Unit Trusts, OEICs, Investment Trusts, Pension Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and Venture Capital Trusts.
  • News on investment funds catered for institutional investors, including ETFs and hedge funds, published by Euromoney, a UK financial publications company founded in 1969.
  • Barry Ritholtz's blog, where he shares his macro perspective on the capital markets and the economy.