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Services Poland Companies Worldwide
  • Provides services for existing or start up mutual fund companies. Specializes in ETF offerings.
  • Provides private labeled mutual fund and financial services to partners.
  • Global provider of asset management services and investment processing solutions. (NASDAQ:SEIC)
  • Provides mutual funds with alternative source of liquidity to meet daily net redemptions.
  • Specializes in financial industry compliance in Asia Pacific. Of interest to asset managers, hedge funds, investment banks, insurance companies and wealth managers
  • Providers of fund administration, capital raising, valuations and advisory services, for financial institutions and brokerage firms.
  • Online mutual fund analysis tool that let's you see the percentage and name of stocks duplicated between two or more funds and industry sector weighting.
  • Independent Geneva-based company offering advice on general portfolio structure, policy and objectives. Specializes in niche, retail-oriented fixed-interest mandates.
  • Middle East fund custody, administration and registry service provider, incorporated in Kuwait and in Bahrain.
  • Fund accounting and administration services for mutual funds, hedge funds, foundations, endowments, government budgets and investment pools.
  • Range of administrative and custodial services offered by Citigroup to the fund industry, both domestically and internationally.
  • Offers a variety of financial, fiduciary and business support services through a team of specialists in Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Cayman and Dubai.
  • Provides investment companies with a solution for running mutual funds, including fund administration, compliance, accounting, distribution, transfers, distribution and
  • Database of institutional investors in hedge funds, real estate and infrastructure funds, and private equity funds.