Tax Lien Certificates, Poland

Tax Lien Certificates Poland Companies Worldwide
  • Offers a variety of services and investment products to U.S. municipalities and investors, including acquisition and brokerage, marketing tax-lien land, portfolio
  • Offers subscription lists of property lien sales, in some localities.
  • Electronic guide to airports and FBOs for all of North America. Resides in your Palm Pilot, or other PDA. Free download.
  • Offers information by paid subscription about tax lien certificate and tax deed sales, and how to get started investing in them.
  • Provides resources and information exchange for investors interested in buying and selling tax-defaulted paper. Includes related links; registration required to
  • Offers educational materials and seminars on tax-sale investing.
  • FAQ, forum, and e-mail list for discussions about investing in tax liens.
  • Short primer/tutorial discussing tax liens and tax deed sales along with general tax sale investing strategies, including pitfalls and benefits.