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  • Individual investors can work through checklists that are generated by the software according to different investment strategies.
  • Analyzes real estate investments and rental property cash flow, profitability, and rate of return.
  • Stock investing and analysis software used to screen and sort companies for potential investment.
  • Investment software package for stock charting, screening, and researching securities on the major US and Canadian stock exchanges.
  • The spreadsheet templates allows computation of direct and full allocated margin, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and return on investment (ROI).
  • Software that allows users to search market scenarios described by any combination of economic events, price relationships, news items, technical studies.
  • Software for fundamental analysis, not technical analysis of market movements. Sharepricer calculates fair value for the company share. It is also possible to compare
  • Stock trading software for short term swing trading.
  • Stock portfolio analysis and graphing software.
  • Investment software technology for the investment management industry.
  • Develops PocketPC software to manage and analyze portfolios of bonds, options, option spreads and hedged stock positions.
  • Software for applying the strategies of WD Gann.
  • Software that uses news stories to pick and display potentially profitable stock trades.
  • Software that uses a three level neural network which provides stock quotes and historical backtesting to make a prediction.
  • Provider of artificial intelligence based technical analysis software to individuals and professionals. The software analyzes stocks, bonds, futures, mutual funds and
  • Financial analysis software for individual and professional investors, credit managers, and small business owners to analyze financial statement data.
  • Software application that enables quantitative developers and financial engineers to model and deploy financial analytics in a controlled and easy-to-use environment.
  • Stock investing and analysis software used to develop stock investment strategies by using advance technology such as artificial intelligence to analyze stocks.
  • Fixed income analytics software development tools. Provides fixed income calculations software for the financial services industry.
  • PortfolioTK provides quantitative statistics and portfolio tracking.
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