Business Process Analysis, Poland

Business Process Analysis Poland Companies Worldwide
  • Specializing in the design, development, and delivery of leadership and organizational development processes.
  • The Workflow and Reengineering International Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to \"make sense of what's happening at the intersection of
  • Baldrige assessment, process improvement, customer satisfaction and organizational performance improvement management consulting. Shaw Resources can help you achieve
  • PEYMA provides Process Re-engineering, Personality Analysis, Team Building and training to help you achieve Service and Operational Excellence.
  • Specializing in creative business analysis, planning and reengineering to help companies get the maximum from their investment.
  • AIM is an information technology and management consulting company with offices in Las Vegas and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • Company that focuses on business process redesign services and business office automation through technology specializing in the Health Care industry.
  • Helps organizations identify and manage the important processes. Site also includes a few articles related to the topic.
  • Business strategy and management consulting firm with offices world-wide. Specializes in business process analysis, business case analysis and implementation of
  • Consulting and resources to identify business processes that can be outsourced, find an appropriate vendor, create procedures and project manage the process world wide.
  • Resources and links for enterprise performance management through financial analysis.
  • Consulting firm offering process simulation, reengineering and industrial planning for production processes and administrative processes. Specialising in the wood and
  • Financial statement ratio analysis spreadsheets, SME cost accounting and analysis system, business troubleshooter system and 360 degree business survey questionnaires.
  • Consulting and resources to facilitate an understanding of the costs of products, services, and business processes to enable management to make more informed decisions.
  • The history of the seven cotton textile mills in and around Boothstown, United Kingdom, founded in 1760 when Thomas Smith carded raw cotton for hand spinners, until in
  • Small consulting practice which focuses on helping its clients implement and refine their management process.
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