Communication Skills, Poland

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  • Professional speaker talks about speaking. CDs and audio materials available.
  • Cross-cultural training and consulting.
  • Company based in Dallas, Texas offers a wide variety of training programs with techniques that managers and supervisors can use to optimize the effectiveness of every
  • Customer service, teambuilding and leadership expert Ron Kaufman gives keynotes, workshops, retreats and conferences for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.
  • Specializing in personal development, self-discovery and self-improvement. Development of individuals and organizations, including leadership development, management
  • Provides corporate and individualized training in group presentation and writing skills.
  • Business management game for team building, communications, and leadership skills. Complete event management is offered by Read Edge Events Ltd.
  • Programs and services for negotiation, communication, risk-taking, innovation and team building.
  • Provides communications training, executive coaching, crisis and issues management.
  • Offers media learning, leadership coaching and three dimensional interactive development programs. Includes company profile, blog and services details. Colorado.