Education and Training, Poland

Education and Training Poland Companies Worldwide
  • Offers a course on how to build a foreclosure business, and save money when buying property.
  • Offers sales training for network marketers structured method of communication that eliminates anxiety and fear of rejection in sales.
  • A free online training course in network marketing. Also a guide to evaluating any work-at-home business opportunity on the internet.
  • Learn how to start a home-based import-export company using the power of your personal computer.
  • Charges a fee for a course in how to become a loan broker.
  • Trainers on home based businesses and keynote speeches on time management. Focused on eliminating clutter and getting organized.
  • An audio cassette course for passing the FCC general radiotelephone operator license exam. Includes online ordering, and toll free customer support.
  • Motivational speaking and results-oriented sales training for conventions, workshops and leadership conferences. Magazine subscription, training tapes, seminar
  • Provides classes, coaching, newsletters and business support. Includes online shopping, site searching, event calendar and classified ads.
  • Offers a DVD course on how to open a donut shop. Includes online ordering.
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